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Monday, November 16, 2009

Daily Gift Idea: Apple Magic Mouse

Product: Apple Magic Mouse
Price: $69.99

You're a PC, she's a Mac—what can you say, opposites attract. So you guys don't agree on things like Windows Media or anti-virus software, but in the end, love will prevail over even the most intense operating system incompatibilities. Consider this mouse a little, white, multi-touch flag. It's a slick and stunning, if pricey ($69.99), little peripheral—in other words, it's apple to its core. Show that special someone that you love them and want them in your iLife.

If you've used an iPhone or an iPod touch, or even a Macbook Pro's trackpad, you're familiar with Multi-Touch technology, which uses gestures such as finger flicks and swipes to navigate and resize Web pages, flip through album covers in iTunes, or move through images in iPhoto. Now Apple brings Multi-Touch to your desktop with the first-ever gesture-based mouse, the Magic Mouse ($69 direct; ships with all new iMacs). While this wireless Bluetooth mouse works very well, its compact, minimalist design takes some getting used to. Plus, the Multi-Touch features only work with Macs. For those reasons alone, the Magic Mouse is assured a limited appeal. Even so, Apple scores big points for innovation and sleek design.


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