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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Citibank - a major international bank!

 Citibank, a major international bank, is the consumer banking arm of financial services giant Citigroup. Citibank was founded in 1812 as the City Bank of New York, later First National City Bank of New York. As of March 2010, Citigroup is the third largest bank holding company in the United States by domestic deposits, after Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase.

Citibank has retail banking operations in more than 100 countries and territories around the world. More than half of its 1,400 offices are in the United States, mostly in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco/Silicon Valley, and Miami. More recently, Citibank has expanded its operations in the Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, and Washington D.C. metropolitan areas, albeit with a mixed record of success. 

It was reported that Citigroup executives were pleased with the performance of the Boston branches, but were less impressed with the Philadelphia experiment, according to a person familiar with the situation.

On September 24, 2009, The Wall Street Journal reported that Citi planned to narrow the focus of Citigroup's U.S. branch network to just six major metropolitan areas, including New York, Washington, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles, where Citi has a substantial presence but ranks no higher than No. 3 in deposits. The article also noted that Citi could abandon or scale back where it is an also-ran, including Boston, Philadelphia and parts of Texas, according to people with knowledge of the discussions.

In addition to the standard banking transactions, Citibank offers insurance, credit card and investment products. Their online services division is among the most successful in the field,[citation needed] claiming about 15 million users.
As a result of the Global financial crisis of 2008–2009 and huge losses in the value of its subprime mortgage assets, Citibank was rescued by the U.S. government under plans agreed for Citigroup. On November 23, 2008, in addition to initial aid of $25 billion, a further $25 billion was invested in the corporation together with guarantees for risky assets amounting to $306 billion

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What is Fly UK?

The Cheap Flights Search Engine provides you with real-time prices and availability, meaning were providing you with the best, up-to-date deals. The price you see on screen includes government taxes and airport fees, enabling you to quickly find the flight that best fits your needs. compares over 140 well-known airlines and suppliers, bringing you the best possible price, saving you the hassle of having to do it yourself. All results are displayed in price order, which make it quicker for you to find the cheapest deal available. also provides hotel and airport guides, and weather forecasts, helping to make it easier to plan your perfect holiday. We even have our own travel blog, which provides you with advice and insider travel information.

Monday, July 26, 2010

What is Flydubai?

Flydubai is the low cost airline operating flights to, from and via Dubai. All fares are one way and tax-inclusive. You just need to pay for the extras you choose. Experience the freedom to fly at the most competitive prices with the best fares available when you book online.

More about FlyDubai

Flydubai (styled as flydubai) is an Arabian start-up low-cost airline in the United Arab Emirates, with its head office in Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport.Flydubai aims to offer competitive ticket prices, along with flexible hotel, car rental, insurance, and visa services to Dubai.

The airline operates from the modernised and enhanced Terminal 2 at Dubai International Airport.

The airline was founded on 19 March 2008 by Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum the chairman of Emirates Airline. Although not part of The Emirates Group the airline has had support from Emirates to get them off the ground.[3] Flights were commenced with a service to Beirut, Lebanon on 1 June 2009, and Amman, Jordan the following day, with additional destinations added since the launch.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Updated Skype for iPhone 4 Now Available

Skype has released an update of its VOIP app for Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS smartphones running iOS4. The multitasking-savvy version lets users run Skype in the background, among other features.

Skype has launched a Version 2.0.1 of its VOIP (voice-over IP) software for Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS handsets running iOS4.

Released July 21, the newest version of the application plays to the operating system’s multitasking capabilities, enabling users to run Skype in the background, as well as receive Skype calls and instant messages while other applications are running or the phone is locked. Also new — users can continue a Skype call while switching to another application.

Skype’s popular VOIP application for iPhones, the iPod touch and iPads allows users to make and receive calls or instant messages with other Skype users around the world. In addition to using WiFi, calls can these days also be placed over AT&T’s 3G network, though “operator data charges” are said to apply.

Skype competitor Fring also offers VOIP services, and on July 9 introduced an app enabling iPhone 4 owners to enjoy two-way video calling over WiFi or 3G networks. The app even works across multiple platforms, so users can call friends with a single-camera iPhone 3GS, or those on Android- or Symbian-running phones. It also allows multitasking, and so can run in the background while a user interacts with other applications, such as email.

Fring explains that its service allows Fring users to additionally communicate with friends on third-party networks such as GoogleTalk, SIP, Twitter and Skype. Skype, however, recently made its displeasure with this arrangement known by threatening Fring with legal action.

“Skype’s anti-competitive ambush comes in the wake of Fring’s mobile video calling on iPhone 4 launch,” Fring announced in a July 12 statement, airing the squabble in public. Fring CEO Avi Shechter added that he was “disappointed” that Skype, which once “championed the cause of openness, is now attempting to muzzle the competition.”
Given the popularity of these applications, and particularly their new video-messaging capabilities, a number of smartphone manufacturers — such as Motorola and Samsung, in addition to Apple — are incorporating second cameras in their handsets’ design.

The new Skype application is free to download and can be found in the Apple iTunes store.  

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Enterprise Mobility: Android 2.2 Should Make Apple Nervous: 10 Reasons Why???

 With Google's Android 2.2 update coming soon to several Android mobile devices, it's time for Apple to really be concerned about its chief competitor. The new version of Android is arguably the most important since the mobile operating system's launch, and it delivers functionality that could rival Apple's iOS 4. Now the real battle between Android and iOS has started. And with signal reception problems spoiling the iPhone 4's debut, Apple might want to bear in mind that success today doesn't guarantee continued success tomorrow. Here are 10 reasons why Apple should worry about Android 2.2.

1. Speed and Performance
According to Google, Android 2.2 will deliver far better performance and improved speed in native applications running on the software. That's good to hear. One of Android's biggest problems is that its native apps are still much slower than those in iOS 4. With the help of Android 2.2, Apple could lose that advantage.

2. Flash Support
The addition of Adobe Flash to Android OS 2.2 is a major upgrade for Google's mobile platform. Unlike Apple, which contends that Flash will hurt its customers more than help them, Google is going to allow its users to access the vast majority of video and games on the Web that they can't view on iOS 4 devices. There is still some doubt as to whether or not Flash will work all that well on Android, but if it does, and users don't experience any security problems when using it, then Google will have a major advantage over Apple.

3. Better Exchange Support
A key success factor in the smartphone market is support for Microsoft Exchange. And as much as it surely pains Google to support a platform that its archrival offers, the company had no choice. In Android 2.2, calendar synchronization, remote wipe, auto-discovery and several other Exchange-related features will be added to the platform. Previously, Apple had a big lead over Google when it came to Exchange. All that will change with Android 2.2.

4. WiFi Hot Spot
When Motorola introduced the Droid X, the company said users would be able to access the device's built-in WiFi hot spot, thanks to support in Android 2.2. Up to five devices can connect to Verizon's 3G network through the Droid X's 3G Mobile Hotspot. Even though it costs an additional $20, it certainly makes the service far more viable than AT&T's iPhone tethering rate for the same price. Being able to share a 3G Web connection with up to five different people will undoubtedly come in handy at Starbucks or in a professional setting when a team needs a Web connection. And it can't be overlooked as a key component in Android's value to customers.

5. An Improved Android Market
The Android Market is quickly becoming integral to the success of Android OS. In Android OS 2.2, the store will be updated a bit to allow users to make batch upgrades to their apps. Google has also added several APIs to the developer SDK (software development kit), which should improve the applications that make their way into the store. Even better, users can install apps on removable media such as SD cards, so they can bring their favorite programs with them to new phones. That's a nice option to have.

6. A Better Browser
According to Google, it will be offering an improved browser in Android 2.2 that will help users surf the Web far more effectively than before. The update is so good that some users who have worked with it claim the mobile Chrome browser built into Android 2.2 is faster than mobile Safari on Apple's iPhone. If consumers generally find that to be true, Google could be well on its way to challenging Apple. Although the browser is just one component in making a smartphone buying decision, it's an important one. More and more people are relying on the Internet to get work done. If they can enjoy a better browsing experience on Android 2.2 than on iOS 4, they might opt for Android-based devices more often.

7. Support from Major Phones
Android 2.2 is available to Google Nexus One users first. But over the next few months, the software will debut on all major Android phones, including the HTC Droid Incredible and the Motorola Droid X. That's important. As Apple offers just two versions of the iPhone on store shelves, Google has the luxury of partnering with vendors that deliver dozens of products to consumers. Customers attracted by Android 2.2 will have a slew of options available to them with which to replace the iPhone. As nice as it is to have the iPhone 4, Apple should become increasingly concerned as its top competition adds Android 2.2 support.

8. It's What Vendors Have Waited for
Although Google has been successful in attracting vendors to the Android platform, the company's software has so far been inadequate compared with Apple's iOS. And hardware vendors, knowing that Apple is heavily entrenched in the smartphone space, have decided to stay out until there was an operating system available that could compete. With Android 2.2, all those companies, such as Dell, that have stayed out of the mobile OS mix now have a reason to jump in. Google's latest OS version is the best competitor yet to iOS 4, and it's putting Apple on notice. Look for more Android-based devices over the next year.

9. The Enterprise Solution?
Google keeps making the point that with Android 2.2, its mobile operating system is ready for enterprise use. Although that might be a little far-fetched, since the company is only now starting to make a push for corporate customers, there is reason to believe that Android OS is more enterprise-friendly than ever. By appealing to enterprises, Google gains another avenue of growth. That doesn't necessarily mean that enterprises will ditch the BlackBerry OS and opt for Google's solution over Apple's, but with a viable alternative to iOS 4 on the market, companies have more to choose from. Apple can't be happy about that.

10. Design Improvements
Android is getting a slight face-lift. The design changes won't be drastic, but the tweaks should help the operating system match Apple's iOS 4 design just a little better. For Apple, Android's improvements could prove worrisome. Although iOS 4 still has a better design, Android is catching up. Now the pressure is on Apple to stay ahead.

VILIV - Netbook with Intel® Atom™ Processor - Pearl White

Model: S73GUS | SKU: 9690051

This netbook features a built-in webcam and microphone along with a 7" widescreen touch-screen display for video chatting with friends and family. Connect wirelessly to the Internet via the 802.11b/g high-speed wireless LAN.

What's Included

VILIV Netbook with Intel® Atom™ Processor
2-cell lithium-polymer battery
Power cord, AC power cable
Media Car kit (car charger, car mounting bracket)
Leather case, stylus, stereo earphones
Owner's manual

Product Features

From our expanded online assortment; not available in all Best Buy stores

Intel® Atom™ processor Z520
Features a 533MHz system bus, 512KB cache and 1.33GHz processor speed.
1GB DDR2 memory
For multitasking power.
Note: Optical drive not included

Compatible with optional external recordable CD/DVD drives (not included).

7" WSVGA widescreen touch-screen display
With 1024 x 600 resolution showcases movies, games and other images in 720p high-definition video.
32GB hard drive
Offers spacious storage and fast read/write times.
Built-in webcam and microphone
Make it easy to video chat with family and friends.

Built-in GPS
Delivers driving instructions to get you where you want to go.
Media reader
Supports Secure Digital High Capacity formats for storing or transferring media.

2 high-speed USB 2.0 ports
For fast digital video, audio and data transfer.
Built-in high-speed wireless LAN (802.11b/g) 
Wirelessly connect to the Internet. Built-in Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)interface for link with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as a mobile phone or MP3 player.
3G HSPA broadband modem

Keeps you connected in more places without searching for a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Weighs only 1.5 lbs. and measures just 1" thin
For lightweight portability.
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition operating system preinstalled
Provides a stable platform for word processing, Web navigation, gaming, media storage and more.

Intel, Pentium, Celeron, Centrino, Core, Viiv, Intel Inside and the Intel Inside logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Amazon Selling More Kindle E-Books than Hardcovers!

Amazon said Monday that sales of electronic books for its Kindle e-book reader have surpassed sales of hardcover books on the site.

"Even while our hardcover sales continue to grow, the Kindle format has now overtaken the hardcover format," Jeff Bezos, founder and chief executive of, said in a statement. " customers now purchase more Kindle books than hardcover books."

Bezos said this was "astonishing" given that the site has sold e-books for just 33 months, compared to 15 years with hardcover books.
Specifically, for every 100 hardcover books sold by Amazon, the company now sells 180 Kindle books – up from 143 for the past three months. Amazon has sold three times as many Kindle books in the first half of 2010 than it did in the first half of 2009.

The Kindle bookstore now has 630,000 books, including 106 of the 110 New York Times best sellers. About 510,000 of these books are $9.99 or less, Amazon said, while 1.8 million are free, out-of-copyright books.

Five authors - Charlaine Harris, Stieg Larsson, Stephenie Meyer, James Patterson, and Nora Roberts – have sold more than 500,000 Kindle books.
The news comes almost a month after Amazon dropped the price of the Kindle from $259 to $189 – hours after competitor Barnes & Noble slashed the price of its Nook e-reader to $199. Days later, Amazon also cut the price of the larger Kindle DX from $489 to $379.

Bezos said sales of the Kindle have tripled since Amazon lowered its price.
Amazon is expected to announce its second quarter financial results on Thursday.

Monday, July 19, 2010

VILIV - Netbook

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VILIV - Netbook with Intel® Atom™ Processor - Matte Black
Model: S5 PRE-H US | SKU: 9728901

Connect to the Internet wirelessly via this netbook's 802.11b/g wireless LAN with Bluetooth capability. The built-in GPS delivers driving instructions to get you where you want to go.

What's Included

VILIV Netbook with Intel® Atom™ Processor
2-cell lithium-polymer battery
Power cord, AC power cable
Strap, stereo headphones
Owner's manual

Product Features

Intel® Atom™ processor Z520
Features a 533MHz system bus, 512KB cache and 1.33GHz processor speed.
For multitasking power.

Note: Optical drive not included

Compatible with optional external recordable CD/DVD drives (not included).
4.8" WSVGA widescreen touch-screen display
With 1024 x 600 resolution showcases movies, games and other images in 720p high-definition video.
60GB hard drive
Offers spacious storage and fast read/write times.
Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 500
For lush images. Built-in stereo speakers.
Built-in GPS

Delivers driving instructions to get you where you want to go.
2 high-speed USB 2.0 ports
For fast digital video, audio and data transfer.
Built-in high-speed wireless LAN (802.11b/g) 
Wirelessly connect to the Internet. Built-in Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) interface for link with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as a mobile phone or MP3 player.
3G HSPA broadband modem

Keeps you connected in more places without searching for a Wi-Fi hotspot.
Weighs only 13.8 oz. and measures just 1" thin
For lightweight portability.

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition operating system preinstalled
Provides a stable platform for word processing, Web navigation, gaming, media storage and more.
Intel, Pentium, Celeron, Centrino, Core, Viiv, Intel Inside and the Intel Inside logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

UK Student Visa: New Rules - Effective February 22, 2010

Students and education providers beware: new UK student visa rules will apply starting Monday February 22, 2010.  The new rules, introduced under Tier 4 of the points-based system, mean UK student visa applicants will soon have to obtain a confirmation of acceptance for studies from their prospective sponsor, rather than a visa letter.

After February 22, the UK Border Agency will ignore applications from students who send visa letters - even if an education provider issues a letter before February 22.  Until February 21, however, students can continue to apply under Tier 4 using a visa letter, even if their course of study will start after February 22.

Information for education providers / sponsors:

As stated above, the UK Border Agency will no longer accept visa letters after February 22. 

Moreover, Tier 4 sponsors will need to use the UK Border Agency's sponsorship management system to issue confirmations of acceptance for studies to all potential students after February 22.

The sponsorship management system is a secure IT system, which enables licensed sponsors to bring students to the UK and manage their stay here.

For example, the system will allow sponsors to send a 'sponsor note' to the UK Border Agency to inform them about minor changes to a certificate of sponsorship or a confirmation of acceptance for studies before the overseas student uses it.

---UK immigration Laws - additional information & advice---

Learn more about UK immigration laws - including the points-based system, identity cards for foreign nationals, and UK student visa rules - on FindLaw.  Alternatively, you may prefer to speak with an immigration law solicitor.  You can find a solicitor in your area for free via solicitor matching services, which can also help you to understand the best course of action for your situation and whether you are ready to hire a solicitor.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Have a Plan to Working Holiday in the USA and obtain a visa?

Finding work in the USA can seem like a daunting task. Firstly there is a lot of red tape to get through, then there is the sheer size of the country - it is no wonder that the majority of young people elect to use the services of reputable organisations. 

Whatever gap year job you are looking for - summer camp work; bar and hotel work; office work holiday resort work - the companies in this links will help, plus these Ultimate Guides are full of advice, handy hints, information and website links to help you!

Ultimate Guides

Organised Work Programmes in the USA

Guide to organisations helping you get through all that American red tape!

Find out more >

Going it alone in the USA

Guide to finding a job under your own steam.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Take control of your finances!!!

Take control of your finances by getting help and advice on debt solutions that are right for you.

Experts can help you to freeze interest and charges on your debts through government backed legislation and take away the worry by helping you write off the debts you can’t afford.

Compare gas and electricity suppliers and prices online to reduce your fuel bills. Change to a cheap gas and/or cheap electricity price plan, including green energy tariffs, and save your money!

Tupperware - the name of a home products!

Tupperware is the name of a home products line that includes preparation, storage, and serving products for the kitchen and home, which were first introduced to the public in 1946.

Tupperware develops, manufactures, and internationally distributes its products by its parent company Tupperware Brands Corporation and it is marketed by means of direct sales through an independent sales force of approximately 1.9 million consultants. Tupperware is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tupperware Brands Corporation.

Company history

Tupperware was developed in 1946 by Earl Silas Tupper (1907–1983) in the USA. He developed plastic containers used in households to contain food and keep it airtight. The formerly patented "burping seal" is a famous aspect of Tupperware, which distinguished it from competitors.

Tupperware pioneered the direct marketing strategy made famous by the Tupperware party. Brownie Wise (1913–1992), a former sales representative of Stanley Home Products, developed the strategy. During the early 1950s, Tupperware's sales and popularity exploded, thanks in large part to Wise's influence among women who sold Tupperware, and some of the famous "jubilees" celebrating the success of Tupperware ladies at lavish and outlandishly themed parties. 

Tupperware was known—at a time when women came back from working during World War II only to be told to "go back to the kitchen"—as a method of empowering women, and giving them a toehold in the post-war business world. The tradition of Tupperware's "Jubilee" style events continues to this day, with rallies being held in major cities to recognize and reward top-selling and top-recruiting individuals, teams, and organizations.

In 1958, Earl Tupper fired Brownie Wise over general difference of opinion in the Tupperware business operation. It is believed that Tupper objected to the expenses incurred by the jubilee and other similar celebrations of Tupperware.

Tupperware spread to Europe in 1960 when Mila Pond hosted a Tupperware party in Weybridge, England, and subsequently around the world. In 2003, Tupperware closed down operations in the UK, citing customer dissatisfaction with their direct sales model as an issue [3], and relaunched after a restructuring in 2005.[citation needed]Rexall bought Tupperware in 1958. Rexall sold its namesake drugstores in 1977, and renamed itself Dart Industries. Dart merged with Kraftco to form Dart & Kraft. The company demerged, with the former Dart assets named Premark International. Tupperware Brands was spun off from Premark in 1996; Premark was acquired by Illinois Tool Works three years later.

Tupperware is now sold in almost 100 countries, after peaking at more than a hundred after 1996.

Tupperware Brands

After our acquisitions in December 2005, Tupperware Corporation changed its name to Tupperware Brands Corporation to mark the dramatic expansion in our brand portfolio. We now sell products under eight brands consisting of Tupperware, which represents food preparation, storage and serving solutions for the home, and seven brands of beauty and personal care products including Avroy Shlain, BeautiControl, Fuller, NaturCare, Nutrimetics and Nuvo.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yellow Pages!

 Yellow Pages refers to a telephone directory of businesses, categorized according to the product or service provided. As the name suggests, such directories were originally printed on yellow paper, as opposed to white pages for non-commercial listings. The traditional term Yellow Pages is now also applied to online directories of businesses.
The name and concept of "Yellow Pages" came about in 1883, when a printer in Cheyenne, Wyoming working on a regular telephone directory ran out of white paper and used yellow paper instead. In 1886 Reuben H. Donnelley created the first official yellow pages directory, inventing an industry.

Today, the expression Yellow Pages is used globally, in both English-speaking and non-English speaking countries. In the United States, it refers to the category, while in some other countries it is a registered name and therefore a proper noun. The term Yellow Pages is not a registered name within the United States and is freely used by many companies.

In Belgium, the Republic of Ireland, Israel, the Netherlands, and Romania the 'Yellow Pages' are known as the Golden Pages.

Monday, July 12, 2010


1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® Brand Contact Lenses

Why ask for them?

Along with the convenience of no solutions, no lens cases, and no hassles, 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® Brand lenses gives you exceptional comfort from the moment you put them in, to the moment you toss them at the end of the day. That's because they're the only daily disposable lenses with our exclusive LACREON™* technology.

And for allergy sufferers, clinical research has shown that a fresh pair of lenses every day (made from etafilcon A) may provide improved comfort for people suffering from mild discomfort and/or itching associated with allergies while wearing contacts, compared to lenses replaced at intervals of greater than two weeks.

Super Comfortable

LACREON™ for a fresh lens feeling,

all day

UV Protection

The highest UV-A and UV-B protection

available in a daily disposable lens‡


Generic Name: xylometazoline nasal (zye loe me TAH zoe leen)
Brand Names: Otrivin

What is Otrivin (xylometazoline nasal)?

Xylometazoline nasal is a decongestant. It works by constricting (shrinking) blood vessels (veins and arteries) in the body. The nasal formulation acts directly on the blood vessels in the nasal tissues. Constriction of the blood vessels in the nose and sinuses leads to a decrease in congestion.

Xylometazoline nasal is used to treat congestion associated with allergies, hay fever, sinus irritation, and the common cold.

Xylometazoline nasal may also be used for purposes other than those listed in this medication guide.

What is the most important information I should know about Otrivin (xylometazoline nasal)?

Do not use xylometazoline nasal for longer than 3 to 5 days. Longer use could cause damage to the nasal tissue and lead to chronic congestion. If your symptoms do not improve, see your doctor.

Do not use this medication in larger doses or more often than is recommended. Too much xylometazoline nasal could be harmful. Xylometazoline nasal should not be used more often than two to three times a day (every 8 to 10 hours).

What should I discuss with my healthcare provider before using Otrivin (xylometazoline nasal)?

Do not use xylometazoline nasal if you have taken a monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor such as isocarboxazid (Marplan), phenelzine (Nardil), or tranylcypromine (Parnate) in the last 14 days. This could cause a dangerous drug interaction with serious side effects.

Before using this medication, tell your doctor if you have

high blood pressure;

heart disease, hardening of the arteries, or irregular heart beats;

thyroid problems;


glaucoma or increased pressure in the eye;

an enlarged prostate or difficulty urinating;

liver disease; or

kidney disease.

You may not be able to use xylometazoline nasal, or you may require a dosage adjustment or special monitoring during treatment if you have any of the conditions listed above.

It is not known whether xylometazoline nasal will be harmful to an unborn baby. Do not use xylometazoline nasal without first talking to your doctor if you are pregnant or could become pregnant during treatment. It is not known whether xylometazoline nasal could be harmful to a nursing baby. Do not use this medication without first talking to your doctor if you are breast-feeding a baby.