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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Financial IT Jobs Growing; C Developers In a good Demand

Career site eFinancial Careers reported yesterday that there were 24% more postings for financial IT jobs in July 2010 than in July 2009. 

This is part of a trend — further numbers the site editors gave me show that although new financial IT jobs were down by 12% in January and by 13% in February compared to last year, they ticked up in March by 3%, and then skyrocketed to a 37% increase in April, a 27% rise in May and 38% growth in June. This is cheery news for any out-of-work bank IT executives out there and for those who care about them.

Even more interesting is what the job listings show about which skills are in demand in the world of bank technology. eFinancial Careers shared the numbers of financial job listings mentioning specific IT skills (below) as of yesterday (the numbers change every day).

Most coveted are programmers who know C, C++ and C#. This reflects the fact that, generally speaking, programs written in C are still faster than those in any other language. But Java developers are also being hired, and database administrators and those with risk management expertise have strong prospects.

Hottest Bank Technology Skills

1. C, C++, C# — 123
2. Java/J2EE — 75
3. DBA/Database Administrator — 71
4. SQL — 58
5. Unix — 50
6. Linux — 48
7. Risk Management — 44
8. Project Manager — 41
9. Perl — 37
10. Oracle — 35

Court: Penny Crosman

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